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RDM - Recherches en Didactique des Mathématiques

Informations to authors
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Recherche en Didactique des Mathématiques is an international journal of high-level research double blind peer reviewed. Manuscripts submitted must therefore meet standards of unquestionable scientific quality. The introduction should enable the reader to understand the article’s purpose, the problematic and theoretical frameworks should be precisely worked out and the methodology and results clearly expressed, and the conclusions should make it possible for readers to simultaneously understand the results the authors claim to have established and the directions of work they intend to pursue. The journal can accept articles that put more weight on one part or another (theory, methodology, experimental results, or observations).

Submissions are limited to 40 pages in the format of RDM, including abstracts in all three languages and annexes. Very exceptionally, if justified by issues and results, more length may be allowed. This has to be specified in the first submission. The editors reserve the right, after evaluation of the justifications, to ask the authors a smaller version before initiating the first round of evaluation.

Book reviews are limited to 6 pages. Authors or publishers wishing a review should contact the editor by sending two copies. The editors will choose a reviewer in order to balance perspectives.


The text submitted is first reviewed by editors, who may decide to reject for insufficiency or inappropriateness. Otherwise the text in anonymous form is submitted to two or three anonymous reviewers (double blind). A confirmation of reception is sent before the review process starts. The decision, a synthesis and the reviewers’ reports are sent between two and six months later. Decision can be accept, minor revision, major revision, complete rewriting or reject.

In case of minor revision, the process before publication is between the author and the editors.

Six months are allowed for major revision or complete rewriting. After reception of a second version with an answer to reviewers, a new round of reviewing starts. Up to three rounds are possible.


The modalities of submission changed in January 2012. We use now an "open-source" platform for documents and emails communication while processing articles.

A new author wishing to submit an article, possibly on behalf of several co-authors must simply send a message to the usual address redactionrdm@ardm.asso.fr

with his name and the email address he wants to use throughout the process without any attachment or additional data.

We will the register her or him as platform user and she or he will receive a username and a password, and instructions for submission.