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RDM - Recherches en Didactique des Mathématiques

Presentation of the journal
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Editorial orientation

Recherches en Didactique des Mathématiques is a research journal that publishes original articles addressing questions drawn from the teaching, learning, or dissemination of mathematics in or outside school contexts. It addresses an audience composed principally of researchers in the didactics of mathematics, but also of teachers, professional mathematicians, teacher educators, and professional developers.

Most of the articles make reference to, and indeed contribute to developing, standard theoretical frameworks in the didactics of mathematics. Nevertheless, certain articles can make principal reference to less common frameworks because they are culturally more distant or come from related disciplinary fields. The articles can be published in English, Spanish, or French and must include an abstract in each of the three languages.

The articles, which vary in length, can address one or more of the following points :

- determination of relevant facts of didactic communication ;
- analysis of instructional situations ;
- analysis of pupils’ learning processes and products ;
- epistemological and psychological studies of the mathematical content and concepts connected with characteristics of the situations in which they function and where they are constituted ;
- research methodology : observation, video recordings, questionnaires, examinations, and so forth ;
- debates on problematics, the determination of their specific objects, and the theories that underlie them.


Editorial board

Chief editor : Viviane Durand-Guerrier, Université de Montpellier
Cécile Ouvrier-Buffet, Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne

Maggy Schneider-Gilot, Université de Liège

assistant editor : Annie Bessot, MeTAH, Laboratoire LIG, Grenoble

editorial director : Isabelle Bloch, Université de Bordeaux

Michèle Artigue (France), Teresa Assude (France), Nicolas Balacheff (France), Maria Bartolini Bussi (Italie), Isabelle Bloch (France), Paolo Boero (Italie), Marianna Bosch (Espagne), Guy Brousseau (France), Ricardo Cantoral (Mexique), Corine Castela (France), Yves Chevallard (France), Lalina Coulange (France), Lucie Deblois (Canada), Jean-Luc Dorier (Suisse), Tommy Dreyfus (Israël), Raymond Duval (France), Juan Godino (Espagne), Ismenia Guzman (Chili), Patricio Herbst (Etats-Unis), Fernando Hitt (Canada), Catherine Houdement (France), Ana Paula Jahn (Brésil), Jeremy Kilpatrick (Etats-Unis), Colette Laborde (France), Le Thi Hoai Chau (Vietnam), Francia Leutenegger (Suisse), Claire Margolinas (France), Maria Alessandra Mariotti (Italie), Yves Matheron (France), Takeshi Miyakawa (Japon), Marie-Jeanne Perrin-Glorian (France), Luis Radford (Canada), Jean-Pierre Raoult (France), Sophie René de Cotret (Canada), Aline Robert (France), André Rouchier (France), Kenneth Ruthven (Grande-Bretagne), Anna Sierpinska (Canada), Hikma Smida (Tunisie), Moustapha Sokhna (Sénégal), Rudolf Straesser (Allemagne), Luc Trouche (France), Gérard Vergnaud (France), Carl Winslow (Danemark)